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The floor in a building can add a lot of value to the interior design of the building. That is why most home remodel projects usually involve replacing tile flooring with a better material, such as travertime tile. That said, you can never go wrong with travertime stone tile. To get the best travertime stone tile at the best prices in St. Augustine, you need to work with an industry leader. In St. Augustine, the industry leader as far as travertime stone tile is concerned is the House of Tiles. We are a family owned and operated business with over 37 years experience in the travertime tile supply and installation industry. We have been selling and installing travertime stone tile and a wide range of other flooring materials for many years, so you can expect the best products and services from us. 

Why Buy Our Travertime Tile?

First and foremost, we cut our own travertime stone, which are brought to the shop directly from the quarry, so we have complete control over quality. Secondly, we offer wholesale prices to the public on all travertime stone tile products. This means you can save big on the travertime tile flooring installation project. In addition to travertime stone tile, we also offer laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, hardwood flooring and different types of carpets. We let you pick the travertime stone before we but to make countertops, tile flooring or pavers. We have a large selection of travertime tile products in our store, you are welcome to browse through our travertime tile products and pick one that meets your needs.