Best in Flooring and Tile in the St Augustine, Florida Area

Options for Flooring in St Augustine, FL

House of Tiles brings multiple options to the table including granite, marble and travertine stone flooring and counter-tops. We import all our own slabs of stone and our customers can pick the perfect stone before we cut it for flooring or counter-tops. We service the home and commercial marketplace for all granite needs. If you have a restaurant or bar and looking for granite or marble counter-tops, we stock the marble and granite in our warehouse ready to custom cut to your specs. We are very affordable for the home bathroom remodeling for cabinets and granite or marble flooring, counter-top and wall tiles to choose from.

Tile, St Augustine, Florida

Large Selection of Tile Flooring in St Augustine Store

We have the biggest selection tile to choose from. We have high and mid quality tile in multiple colors and options to choose from. We all want our flooring to look great in our home or business. Tile flooring for kitchen and bathroom floor and walls is one of our specialties and we install all the tile with our own installation teams. If your looking to replace kitchen or bathroom cabinets – We have the best prices anywhere for quality cabinets and our prices are lower then the big box stores.